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1 Play Video 4:38 Min Economic Citizenship :
Economics seems very complicated to most adults never mind young people and this Media Trust film aims to offer some basic knowledge that can help people understand whats happening around them. Presented by Tom Oliver, a NEET (not in education, emplo
Author: ifcitizenship
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2 Play Video 47:01 Min Perspectives February 2012: Citizenship in a Globa :
As economic forces bring national borders down, and more and more people move from the countries of their birth, what does it mean to be a part of a nation? As falling birth rates force developed countries to look beyond national borders to maintain
Author: Channel NewsAsia
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3 Play Video 26:17 Min A look at the global landscape of Economic Citizen :
Basseterre, St. Kitts (June 5, 2012) -- Eric Major is the CEO of Henley and Partners. Major, speaking at a media awareness event in St. Kitts on May 30, 2012, looked at the global landscape of Economic Citizenship.
Author: SIDF
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Watch how the Global Economic Collapse impacts National Citizenship.

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