Border Closing: {Potential Scenario}

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1 Play Video 16:52 Min QT: Tell Brussels get lost, close UK border? (07Ma :
Is it time to tell Brussels to get lost, and close (not completely) the UK's borders. Recorded from BBC1 Question Time, 07 March 2013.
Author: liarpoliticians2
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2 Play Video 5:27 Min UK to close borders, evacuate expats if euro colla :
As Eurozone nations sink ever deeper into crisis, the UK Treasury is working on a contingency plan for the single currency's collapse. It includes capital control measures that, under EU rules, require agreement from most of the Union members. Britai
Author: RT
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3 Play Video 21:18 Min Expert Predicted Border Crisis Nearly 20 Years Ago :
Alex Jones talks with Gerald Celente about the coming economic collapse
Author: TheAlexJonesChannel
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The U.K. and many other nations are prepared to close their border if the global economy crashes.

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