Impact On Food Supplies: {Conspiracy Theory}

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1 Play Video 1:39 Min Red Tide Fish Kill Plagues Coastal Waters of South :
Red Tide affect boca chica beach in south Texas
Author: Richard Moore
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2 Play Video 5:59 Min Red Tide - Death Comes to Gasparilla Island Florid :
A recent red tide algae bloom has killed a lot of the reef fish and other fish close to the beaches of Gasparilla Island In Southwest Florida. "Red tide" is caused by microscopic algae (plant-like microorganism) called Karenia brevis. The red tide or
Author: CrypticCRICKET
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3 Play Video 4:28 Min Prized Science Episode 4: Taming the Red Tides :
Red tides are phenomena in which certain pigmented algae ― toxic algae ― undergo population explosions. Health officials ban fishing for oysters, shrimp and other shellfish ― if they detect a red tide. If not, unsuspecting consumers get hit with a vi
Author: Prized Science
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4 Play Video 2:51 Min Red Tide Could Be Disaster For Fishermen, Consumer :
Maine's first red tide warning has a lot of people concerned. News 8's Jim Keithley explains why.
Author: WMTW-TV
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Red Tides occur inexplicably and have devastating effects in the ocean and fishing industry.

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