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Food: {Basic Need}


The ability to acquire food ranks #2 in the survival list.
Only Water ranks higher.

Video Playlist

Every urban farmer should learn how to preserve their own crops for several months or even years.
Expiration Dates
Learn the truth behind food expiration dates.
Guerrilla Gardening
Urban farming does not require owning a home with a backyard.
Learn how to harvest your own crops.
Make Cooking Oil
Learn how to make your own cooking oil.
Make Jerky
Jerky is one of the most valuable and basic foods, that every prepper should have.
Learn how to manage unprepared neighbors during food shortages.
Outdoor Cooking
Learn how to cook outdoors from the pros.
Learn techniques to preserve your own crops for a long period of time.
The first step in Urban farming is how to plant.
A deep look at the world of none GMO seeds and how to plant them and conserve them.
Small Budget
Learn how to prepare with a small budget.
Sprouting can preserve your food for years.
Start From Seed
Learn how to grow your food from seed and save tons of money.
Learn how to store large quantities of food from the pros.
Learn how to get food in a survival situation.
Top Items For Prepping
Hear from other Preppers which are the top items you should have.
Urban Farming
As food prices go up and quality goes down, learn how to grow your own food.

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