Typhus: {Potential Pandemic}

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1 Play Video 2:59 Min Flea borne Typhus 1080p :
Information about flea-borne typhus. A local survivor of the disease helps tell the story and how to avoid it.
Author: OCVCD Information
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2 Play Video 3:41 Min How Typhoid Fever Affects the Body -- The Doctors :
The Doctors are joined by Dr. Brad Spellberg, an infectious disease specialist from UCLA Medical Center, to discuss typhoid fever symptoms and prevention
Author: The Doctors
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3 Play Video 1:21 Min A Tale of Two Typhus :
From the makers of "Nuclear Radiation," the crack team of topical animators now extend their horizons with this band new, overly-specific disease narrative! Learn marginal information about two forms of Typhus and buy the soundtrack today off the off
Author: Hannah Mangan
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4 Play Video 9:19 Min A Sample from the Film Unseen Enemies: Filth Disea :
A sample from the documentary film entitled Unseen Enemies, about the history and impact of infectious disease on human societies. This sequence highlights the filth diseases; typhus, typhoid and cholera.
Author: Tom Page
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Bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas.

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