Tuberculosis: {Potential Pandemic}

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1 Play Video 12:23 Min Symptoms and Spread of Tuberculosis :
Learn the common symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis, and how the bacteria usually spreads from person-to-person. Get the Rishi is a pediatric infectious disease physician and works at Khan Academy. These videos do not provide medical advice and are
Author: khanacademymedicine
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2 Play Video 3:18 Min The Facts about Tuberculosis :
Emory University executive director of student health services Mike Huey answers questions about tuberculosis.
Author: Emory University
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3 Play Video 4:10 Min Giant Rats Can Detect Tuberculosis! - Extraordinar :
Feared and regarded as dirty, dangerous and diseased, if there is one creature that tops the list of people's most hated animal, it is the much-maligned rat. Yet in Tanzania, scientists have trained rats to detect patients with tuberculosis, but what
Author: BBC Earth
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Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious bacterial infection that involves the lungs and sometimes other organs.

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