Smallpox: {Potential Pandemic}

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1 Play Video 4:33 Min How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simon :
For 10,000 years, humanity suffered from the scourge of smallpox. The virus killed almost a third of its victims within two weeks and left survivors horribly scarred. But Simona Zompi commends the brave souls -- a Buddhist nun, a boy, a cow, a dairym
Author: TED-Ed
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2 Play Video 42:12 Min THE SMALL POX VIRUS - History/Discovery/Science (d :
history life discovery science technology tech learning education national nature geographic earth planet channel universe culture civilization civilisation medieval middle ages europe pandemic epidemic medical medicine health healthy hospital sick i
Author: CoolDocs1001
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3 Play Video 6:21 Min Smallpox- Survival Care, Treatment, and Readiness :
A brief rundown of smallpox and some important considerations for preppers
Author: ThePatriotNurse
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4 Play Video 3:13 Min Forgotten smallpox vials under CDC examination :
Vials of smallpox are currently being tested in a high-containment laboratory at the CDC in Atlanta. On July 1, a lab worker at the National Institutes of Health found the smallpox vials while cleaning out a storage refrigerator. Dr. Jon LaPook spoke
Author: CBS Evening News
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5 Play Video 8:19 Min Smallpox 2002 (Silent Weapon) :
Smallpox 2002 (aka Smallpox: Silent Weapon) BBC docudrama shown of FX network in 2005. Well made.
Author: mdmar1961
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6 Play Video 47:06 Min 6. Smallpox (I): 'The Speckled Monster' :
In the eighteenth century, smallpox succeeded plague as the most feared disease. The two maladies, however, are very different. While plague is a bacterial disease, smallpox is viral. Plague is spread by rats and fleas, smallpox is transmitted by con
Author: YaleCourses
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Serious and contagious disease due to a virus.

Smallpox was eradicated early in the 20th century, but Russia and the US still have samples.

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