Biological Warfare: {Potential Pandemic}

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1 Play Video 53:45 Min Biological Weapons, Human Experimentation, and the :
Biological Weapons, Human Experimentation, and the CIA (Full Documentary) .
Author: Stacy Brimly
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2 Play Video 12:08 Min BIOLOGICAL WARFARE: Ebola is potentially Airborne :
In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains that the recent spread of Ebola could be Airborne.
Author: AMTV
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3 Play Video 9:52 Min The Origin of AIDS, the CIA and Army Biological Wa :
AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which originated in non-human primates in Sub-Saharan Africa and was transferred to humans during the late 19th or early 20th century.
Author: The Film Archives
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4 Play Video 1:03:58 Min Anthrax War CBC The Passionate Eye FULL! Dr. David :
An investigation into the deadly world of germ weapons, Anthrax War begins in New York in the days following 9/11. Anthrax-laced letters, mailed to media and U.S. senators, killed five people and spread fear and panic throughout the nation.
Author: yeoldbasser
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5 Play Video 11:31 Min Weapons of Mass Destruction :
Considering the recent worries about Syria's weapons of mass destruction, it's worth taking a second look at this 60 Minute report produced by Andrew Tkach and correspondent Christiane Amanpour . It investigates the threat posed by the remnants of th
Author: messymomentmedia
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6 Play Video 0:58 Min Gruinard Island Anthrax Biological Warfare Experim :
During World War II, the British started their biological weapons program to counter suspected Japanese and German biological threats. The program's research focused on the viability and "range of spread" of anthrax spores when delivered with a conve
Author: markdcatlin
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7 Play Video 9:06 Min Murdered Bush Aide Was An Expert In Chemical & Bio :
Murdered Bush Aide Was An Expert In Chemical & Biological Warfare, Had Highest Security Clearances
Author: Federaljacktube4
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8 Play Video 14:59 Min Alex Breaks Down The Globalist Biological Warfare :
Alex Breaks Down The Global Biological Warfare Declared on All Humanity.
Author: TheAlexJonesChannel
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