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1 Play Video 14:15 Min Afghanistan-Pakistan Town Hall on Perceptions & Mi :
America Abroad Media (AAM) has partnered with Afghanistan's Tolo TV and Pakistan's Express News to host the first in a series of four town halls connecting Afghans and Pakistanis for dialogue. The event brought together government officials and live
Author: americaabroad
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2 Play Video 11:14 Min What do Afghans think about INDIA and PAKISTAN :
Being a smaller and weaker country, Pakistan tried to bring Afghanistan in its control to counter India. For this nefarious plan they created Taliban which is now biting them in their backs. Afghans realize that despite not being an immediate neighbo
Author: Laal Topee
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3 Play Video 4:16 Min Afghanistan Belongs To Pakistan Says ISI :
5000 years old Sovereign Afghanistan belongs to 64 year old Pakistan Says ISI agent. Pakistan was interfering in Afghanistan long before Soviet invasion. Afghanistan's Minerals all belongs to Pakistan. And Pakistan will not fight Afghan Taliban becau
Author: romin4you
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4 Play Video 4:08 Min Balancing Act On Afghan & 'UK Made-Artificial' Pak :
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reveals the balancing act troops face on the Afghanistan - UK Made Artificial Pakistan border.U.S. troops have fired into Pakistani territory at least four times in the last 10 months in cross-border skirmishes that they say ar
Author: TheAbdaliBacha
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Pakistan's influence on Afghanistan has been the oldest and strongest for centuries.

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