Nuclear Power: {Current Events}

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1 Play Video 2:10 Min North Korea Threatens US With Nuclear Attack :
The threat comes as the U.N. rallies around new sanctions on the secretive nation.
Author: ABC News
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2 Play Video 6:12 Min The North Korean Nuclear Crisis What You Aren't be :
Why did North Korea really threaten to launch nuclear attacks on the U.S.? Is Kim Jong-un just crazy or is there something bigger at play here?
Author: StormCloudsGathering
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3 Play Video 4:14 Min New North Korean Video shows US targets for Nuclea :
New North Korean Video shows US targets for Nuclear Attack!
Author: stimmekoreas
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4 Play Video 23:09 Min June 2014 Breaking News USA troops activities bord :
June 2014 Breaking News North Korea warned provocative activities USA troops truce village border could lead to a catastrophic military clash
Author: u2bheavenbound
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North Korea's nuclear program is developing after years of research and maybe help from neighboring China.

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