Solar EMP: {Future Events}

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1 Play Video 1:31 Min The Difference between an EMP & Solar Flare :
For more in depth information and D.I.Y. projects to protect critical items during an EMP or CME check out the Home EMProvement DVD...
Author: engineer775 Practical Preppers
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2 Play Video 1:38:21 Min F2F Solar Storms EMP Matthew Stein :
Feet to the Fire Radio with Host, James Arthur Jancik LIVE Sunday July 13th 2014
Author: BLKnight2012
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3 Play Video 52:43 Min February 2014 Breaking News Sun Unleashes First Ma :
Extreme Solar Flares could cause electromagnetic pulse - This video will educate you on all the hype about Extreme Solar flares and the potential of a electromagnetic pulse knocking out our planets archaic electrical grid system that we depend on - j
Author: u2bheavenbound
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4 Play Video 3:01 Min AURORA BOREALIS Sun's EMP Devastating Event early :
AURORA BOREALIS Sun's EMP Devastating Event early 2013
Author: SignsofThyComing
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5 Play Video 10:52 Min [CME] Solar Flares [EMP] Attacks: "Mother Nature v :
Presented by; see tips, and what you can do to prepare for CME Solar Flares EMP Attacks: "Mother Nature vs Humanity - George Noory on INFOWARS" Alex & George discuss the pending threats we all face today, and the importan
Author: view nightly news Consp
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6 Play Video 26:47 Min Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Paul Stockton - :
Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Paul Stockton is responsible for the DoD's support of civil government and related homeland defense support. He walked through the concern that DoD has for these issues not only for military bases and the ability of
Author: Policy Studies Organization
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Margin of error 30% based on location and conditions (except for water and food).


Solar EMPs are a result of solar storms that happen from time to time.

A solar storm could destroy our electrical grid and appliances that are not protected.

Basics services like water pumping stations could become inoperable creating chaos during the first weeks or even months in some areas.

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