Earthquake: {Current Events}

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1 Play Video 22:06 Min Leading Expert: Earthquake Activity Is Increasing :
David Knight talks with expert Stan Deyo about the Napa Valley earthquake and what may have caused it.
Author: TheAlexJonesChannel
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2 Play Video 4:09 Min RACHEL MADDOW: Spike In Oklahoma Earthquake Activi :
RACHEL MADDOW: Spike in Oklahoma earthquake activity Rachel Maddow reports on a sudden extreme increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma.
Author: Premium Rush
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3 Play Video 2:35 Min Earthquakes : Los Angeles California sees an uptic :
Earthquakes : Los Angeles California sees an uptick in Earthquake Activity this year (Jun 05, 2014)
Author: SignsofThyComing
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4 Play Video 2:48 Min Nostradamus Flood, Landslide, Earthquake, Volcano :
Earthquake, volcano, landslide and flood activity will now greatly increase. So many visions I have seen of these occurrences in your future that I stopped recording them in my quatrains for avoidance of excluding other important prophecies. In the n
Author: Paeradolia
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Increasing activity in the Ring of Fire could be a hint for more dramatic earthquakes to follow.

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