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1 Play Video 2:03 Min India abandons US dollar to purchase Iranian oil :
Every year India spends $12 billion on purchasing oil from Iran, but now it is using gold instead of dollars. India might not be alone; China has suggested it would jump on board with India. New Delhi and Beijing account for 40 percent of the Iranian
Author: RT America
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2 Play Video 4:42 Min Iran's Oil Power :
As the US gets bogged down in Iraq, Iran's influence in the region is on the rise, due its vast energy reserves. But Iran's petroleum industry is showing signs of distress. The Iranian government has begun to ration gasoline, with drivers limited to
Author: BrokenPotCreatives
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3 Play Video 24:21 Min West's attitudes toward Iranian oil modernization :
The year 1951 was a pivotal point in Iran's contemporary history. It was the year the Iranian nation made a launch for independence. Iran's oil was flowing out unchecked as it had been for five decades. The monarchy was happy to line its pocket with
Author: Press TV
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4 Play Video 6:30 Min Turkey ups Iran oil imports despite sanctions :
Turkey has sharply increased its oil imports from Iran. According to Turkey's Statistical Institute, the country imported well over a million tons of Iranian crude this March - the highest monthly purchase since last July. However, new U.S. sanctions
Author: RT
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5 Play Video 4:31 Min Iran oil ban to bring huge spat between US & China :
The US has issued a list of countries that could suffer from its sanctions on Tehran. China -- the biggest buyer of Iranian oil -- tops that list. Earlier Washington said it was exempting 10 EU states and Japan from the sanctions... that would block
Author: RT
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Iran has the world's second biggest oil reserves.

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