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Call Signs Disputes

Since most of the content uploaded comes from Youtube, we will use Youtube' User Name (Call Sign) policy to resolve any Call Sign Disputes.

Extreme Views

The purpose of is to provide the general public with the ability to access expert advice on how to prepare for emergency situations.
Therefore the posting of extreme views will attract the unnecessary attention of government agencies which will not serve the greater good.
If you have Extreme Views, please use other web sites to express them, and help us keep the channel open.

Personal Information will do everything in it's power to keep your information private.
Since is owned and operated by Prepper Industries LLC, a Florida corporation; it is obligated to comply with U.S. law. does not control Youtube or any tracking technology they might use. does accept third party advertising and does not control any tracking technology they might use.

{Conspiracy Theory vs Current Events}

The only difference between a Conspiracy Theory and Current Events is when the government or the main stream media is able to admit it, or can no longer hide the truth.