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1 Play Video 3:43 Min U.S. economic collapse: Donald Trump on America vs :
Trade imbalance and export of American manufacturing capacity to China contribute immensely to our inability to fix our broken economic system.
Author: alphakraker .
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2 Play Video 7:31 Min News Not Revealing Real Reasons For Economic Colla :
This is a snippet of a longer interview. Outsourcing is a major blame - No middle Class jobs left. No jobs for University graduates. Manufacturing has been destroyed. And therefore no income. Powerful corporations are happy with this.
Author: 108morris108
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3 Play Video 12:24 Min Ron Paul: U.S. Heading for Soviet-Style Economic C :
Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on David Asman's America's Nightly Scoreboard on Fox Business to discuss the Federal Reserve, government spending, and the failure of Keynesian economic policies.
Author: RonPaul2008dotcom
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JP MORGAN ADMITS ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS COMMING - economic collapse, economy crisis 2013 - 2014, government, corruption, 1%, banks
Author: Gold, Silver & Economy News
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5 Play Video 7:59 Min New Great Depression 2014 Prepare for an Economic :
New Great Depression 2014 Prepare for an Economic Collapse
Author: Economic Crisis 2013
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6 Play Video 6:28 Min Robert Kiyosaki US Economic Collapse of the Dollar :
Robert Kiyosaki Conspiracy Of The Rich on ABC News. US Economic Collapse of the Dollar! Get Prepared! Silver and Gold will be spent on FOOD! Food is the Ultimate trade currency. Get prepared food is a necessity to feed yourselves and family. Eat and
Author: Global Food Prices
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17+ trillion dollars in debt.

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