Proxy Wars: {Current Events}

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1 Play Video 7:36 Min Cold War - Lesson 3: Proxy Wars :
Cold War - Lesson 3: Proxy Wars
Author: WilliamsSocial
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2 Play Video 26:02 Min 'US, Saudis waging proxy war in Syria' :
In developments on Syria: support for these militants on the ground known as the FSA continues to pour in: The US role became official: It was revealed that Obama had signed a secret order to provide support through the CIA. This on top of reports th
Author: Press TV
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3 Play Video 1:16:56 Min Understanding Syria: The Greatest Proxy War Since :
Speakers: Rami Khouri, Father Simon Faddoul- (He is head of Caritas Lebanon) Mark Schnellbaecher Catholic Relief Services' (CRS) Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East.
Author: villanovauniversity
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