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1 Play Video 9:43 Min Poverty rates surge in American suburbs :
When President Johnson declared a "War on Poverty" fifty years ago, images of American poverty focused on the inner-city and rural poor. What is the state of American poverty today? Megan Thompson reports on the less visible but growing number of poo
Author: PBS NewsHour
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2 Play Video 6:39 Min Poverty In USA, 46.5 Million People In USA Are Liv :
From CNN http://www.cnn.com 46.5 Million People In USA Are Living In Poverty
Author: Search USA People
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3 Play Video 3:38 Min Poverty in America: Hard Times in Inland Empire | :
California's Inland Empire, east of Los Angeles, has attracted people expecting to live out the American dream. But with jobs and services scarce, the region has a high poverty rate.
Author: The New York Times
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4 Play Video 14:55 Min Homeless - Being Poor In America Is Now A Crime :
Homeless - Being Poor In America Is Now A Crime
Author: Sleepwitoneeyeopen
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5 Play Video 57:14 Min Sasha Abramsky's 'American Way of Poverty' :
The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives shines a light on this travesty. Sasha Abramsky brings the effects of economic inequality out of the shadows and, ultimately, suggests ways for moving toward a fairer and more equitable soci
Author: Lord Rothschild
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6 Play Video 42:03 Min Poverty in Australia ABC Documentary 2013 :
Poverty in Australia ABC Documentary 2013
Author: coolstuff
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7 Play Video 22:18 Min Breadline Britain :
Breadline Britain
Author: theworkprograme
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8 Play Video 27:11 Min Hungry Britain Panorama Hunger Crisis in uk :
Hungry Britain Panorama Hunger Crisis in uk
Author: theworkprograme
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9 Play Video 1:40 Min Unemployment biggest reason behind rising poverty :
According to a study released by the National Poverty Observatory, the rise in unemployment is one of the biggest reasons behind the rise in poverty levels.Since the start of the economic crisis, the number of job seekers has gone up to a record 3 mi
Author: PressTV News Videos
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10 Play Video 1:35 Min Bosnia and Herzegovina: Hundreds demonstrate over :
Bosnian protesters set ablaze local government buildings in three Bosnian cities, as fury over unemployment and rampant corruption spread across the country in a third day of unrest. Duplex with Laurent Rouy, our correspondent in Sarajevo, Bosnia and
Author: FRANCE 24 English
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11 Play Video 2:36 Min The Incredible poverty in Japan :
The Incredible poverty in Japan
Author: Elisa Brown
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12 Play Video 11:23 Min The plight of Japan's homeless :
CARING: Homelessness hit Japan hard during the recession of the early 1990s - and it's on the rise again now. Critics say the government needs to do more.
Author: FRANCE 24 English
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13 Play Video 2:25 Min More Than One Million Living in Poverty in Hong Ko :
Hong Kong can lay claim to some of the most expensive properties in the world. Very expensive apartments are scattered along Victoria Harbour's coastline. Many have private swimming pools. But the poorest residents in Hong Kong are living in abject
Author: NTDTV
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14 Play Video 6:46 Min Reality of Poverty in China (Third Angle Insight) :
China has the second largest economy in the world but also has over 100 million people living below the poverty line. So what is the reality and is China still a developing country?
Author: gbtimes
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15 Play Video 2:24 Min Egypt's 40 million poor worse since revolution :
The shanty towns of Cairo are showing little interest in a presidential election scheduled to take place next month. Yet activists insist the new leader will have to take an interest in poverty.
Author: euronews (in English)
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16 Play Video 4:14 Min 25 Sobering Statistics On Global Poverty That Migh :
Everyone knows there is poverty in the world. But what exactly does that mean? These are 25 sobering statistics on global poverty that might upset you.
Author: list25
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18 Play Video 3:54 Min Fareed Zakaria GPS - What in the World? Global pov :
Global poverty is falling, so what's the problem? Fareed Zakaria explains why the stats may not be as great as they seem.
Author: CNN
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Historically poverty has been the tipping point for most revolutions.

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