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1 Play Video 10:35 Min Economic Collapse In India And The Crashing Rupee :
The Rupee is crashing and prices are headed through the roof in India. Although you may hear that this is do to supply and demand, logistics , greedy merchants or any other number of misleading claims, the main reason for the horrible situation in In
Author: MoneyBags73
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2 Play Video 4:08 Min Is the Indian economy heading for a doom? :
The Big Fight: A free-falling rupee, a dismal industrial growth, ArcelorMittal, Posco pulling out of India, FDI in retail a non-starter and an ever increasing Current Account Deficit (CAD) compounded with high food inflation - where is the Indian eco
Author: NDTV
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3 Play Video 11:18 Min The rise and fall of India's economy :
The rupee has collapsed, the stock market is falling - has India moved from a breakout nation to a breakdown nation in just a few months?
Author: NDTV
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7 Play Video 6:31 Min Japanese Children Living In Poverty Is Higher Than :
For single mothers in Japan poverty is often a fact of life. Reference: Japan's child poverty rate hits record high
Author: Jon Doe
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