Government Underground Facilities: {Conspiracy Theory}

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1 Play Video 10:59 Min Tour Of Underground Facilities In Missouri :
Tour Of Underground Facilities In Missouri
Author: BannedUfos
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2 Play Video 6:34 Min TOP Secret Government Facility :
Mary Nam of KOMO 4, profiles Iron Mountain's underground facility in Pennsylvania
Author: smallstillvoice
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3 Play Video 3:40 Min 2012 DOOMSDAY LEAK Huge Underground Government Foo :
It would come out sooner or later i knew. Fema places a 1 billion dollar food order and here is where it's going in an underground massive food bunker. More than likely there are many chambers running from the new denver airport bunker tied to many o
Author: SoulR3ap3r
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4 Play Video 4:56 Min A Secret Government Bunker Revealed :
A secret government underground bunker built in middle of a town in West Virginia and no one noticed.If people can miss that of course you can miss the one time a UFO goes by.
Author: palm
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5 Play Video 10:15 Min Deep Underground Military Bases In California :
The first base is the Tejon RCS Facility owned by Northrop Grumman. 34 54'58.78" N 118 30'20.73" W The second base is the Gray Butte RCS Facility owned by McDonnell Douglas. 34 33'21.72" N 117 38'27.61" W
Author: BannedUfos
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