FEMA Camps: {Conspiracy Theory}

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1 Play Video 9:56 Min Fema Camp Coffins Investigated :
Fema Camp Coffins Investigated
Author: My place.
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2 Play Video 7:53 Min Impending Civillian FEMA Camps Cloaked As Mass Exo :
President Obama is instigating the final moves required to bring in tyranny and the REX 84 planned takeover of America by the neocons he secretly answers to. As the mainstream media twists public opinion toward the administration's goals, including t
Author: TheAlexJonesChannel
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3 Play Video 2:03 Min FEMA camp 2014 ( part 1) or repeat of Nazi Germany :
The guards at the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps have hollow point bullets, handcuffs, batons, and pepper spray to guard empty trailers. WHY!!!! Step by step-electronic police state, surveillance state, martial law, take the guns an
Author: bevyh1
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4 Play Video 1:33 Min Secret FEMA camp exposed:
Joe Biggs reports on the massive and expensive FEMA relocation center in McAllen, Texas. The maturation of REX 84 has become a striking reality as the borders continue to surge with illegal activity and the Federal Program to contain Americans throug
Author: TheAlexJonesChannel
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5 Play Video 2:43 Min CBS News Admits FEMA Camps Are Real? :
CBS News Admits FEMA Camps Are Real?
Author: Mother, should I trust the government?
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They look like concentration camps for Americans.

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