Credit Default Swaps: {Current Events}

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1 Play Video 5:07 Min Credit Default Swaps explained clearly in five min :
BBC Newsnight feature by Alex Ritson on Credit Default Swaps - until recently a little-known financial product that Lehmans Brothers, AIG and the Icelandic banks were up to their necks in. Could this be the black hole at the centre of the financial c
Author: thebigscreen
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2 Play Video 4:17 Min What are Derivatives ? :
An introduction to Derivatives.
Author: graphitishow
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3 Play Video 4:03 Min Explaining Credit Default Swaps :
Explaining Credit Default Swaps
Author: Dan Weintraub
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4 Play Video 3:11 Min in reuters com Credit default swaps Felix Salmon a :
in reuters com Credit default swaps Felix Salmon and Peter Eavis on why the EU is scared Felix TV
Author: LatestFastNEWS
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How wall street likes to gamble with the world's economy.

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