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1 Play Video 5:34 Min China: The Greatest Bubble in History :
Harry Dent explains how the property bubble in China is putting over 220 million Chinese at risk.
Author: Harry Dent
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2 Play Video 9:09 Min China Collapse | 36 million empty apartments China :
Watch this interesting video on how China's real estate and credit bubble is collapsing.
Author: Andrew Martin
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3 Play Video 48:54 Min Living in a bubble :
In 2006, the US housing bubble sneaked up on everyone and burst spectacularly, sparking a Financial Crisis that turned global. Now the attention is turned to the housing bubble brewing in the World's 2nd largest economy, China.
Author: Channel NewsAsia
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4 Play Video 14:21 Min China's Incredible Ghost Cities Will Make Your Jaw :
Empty Cities, 2012 China is the world's most populated country but it's full of vast, empty cities, including a replica Paris. Is it forward thinking or a crazy economic risk?
Author: Journeyman Pictures
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5 Play Video 3:29 Min Derek Scissors on China Income Inequality :
Derek Scissors, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation joins Phillip Yin to discuss China's income inequality.
Author: BizAsiaAmerica
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6 Play Video 2:41 Min China's income inequality surpasses U.S. - China T :
China, BONTV, news, China's income inequality surpasses U.S., National Academy of Sciences of the United States, NAS, GINI coefficient, GDP
Author: BON TV China - Blue Ocean Network
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If the west prints money, the Chinese print condos.

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