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Global Economic Collapse: {Current Events}


Economic Collapses are part of the normal economic life cycle.
Unlike 1930, the world is a much smaller place today. An interconnected economy means and interconnected crash. Some, believe the worst crash in Human History.

Video Playlist

Defiant and defaulting with the majority of the population living in extreme poverty.
Bank Run
All over Europe and Asia we have seen bank runs that get barely covered by the media.
If the west prints money, the Chinese print condos.
Learn how the world economy is interconnected and how the domino effect can be triggered.
Credit Default Swaps
How wall street likes to gamble with the world's economy.
Federal Reserve
Created by the banks and controlled by the banks.
Fema Camps
They look like concentration camps for Americans.
Gold And Silver
Save your wealth by investing in long lasting assets.
Government Underground Facilities
Why do we need so many of them?
Income Inequality
The rich keep on getting richer and poor keep on getting poorer.
A deep look at the global economic crisis.
Migrant Children
A coincidence or a result of the global economy collapsing.
Money Velocity
The velocity in which money is transfered in a healthy economy.
After the gold standard ended, the Petrodollar became the new standard.
Police Militarization
Militarized units are operating to subdue American citizens.
Historically poverty has been the tipping point for most revolutions.
What are the experts predicting for the future.
Maybe our economic woes were foreseen well in advance.
Proxy Wars
A new cold war.
Quantitative Easing
Money printing explained.
Real Estate Bubble
With no shortage of properties or salary increases, real estate keeps climbing.
Stock Market
Money is like water. Once there is too much liquidity is has to go somewhere.
Survive On A Small Budget
How to make your buck go a long way.
17+ trillion dollars in debt.
Food shortages, excessive debt, and much more.

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