Pistol And Revolver: {Field Testing}

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1 Play Video 14:53 Min Top 10 revolver plus some. Response to Oil The Gun :
This is a response to OilTheGun's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MswRMD... please check his video and channel out! http://www.youtube.com/user/zboyco/ht... /http://www.youtube.com/user/OilTheGun
Author: Mr45Bullitt
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2 Play Video 14:45 Min Favorite Ten Handguns Reference 2010: Revolvers :
OilTheGun did a great vid on his 10 favorite handguns reference for 2010. Mr45Bullitt followed with a vid on his favorite 10 revolvers. I'm going to follow with a few vids on my top ten favorites in three catagories: Revolvers, Compact/Subcompact Pis
Author: GunznGear
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3 Play Video 4:19 Min Top Ten Handguns 2012 :
My top ten hand guns for 2012. The handguns I have enjoyed shooting the most in 2012.
Author: OilThe Gun
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4 Play Video 1:44 Min TOP 10 HANDGUNS 2014 :
My list of top ten pistols, Top Ten Pistols of The World 2014...
Author: Dejan Malesevic
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5 Play Video 5:34 Min Top ten handguns :
Our list of what we think are the top 10 handguns Our Email = Gunmanfilms1@gmail.com
Author: gunmanfilms1 .
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6 Play Video 7:18 Min Sig vs Glock :
Sig vs Glock
Author: TheHossUSMC
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7 Play Video 9:49 Min Glock vs. Beretta vs. Sig :
A brief personal observation, compare&contrast of the ergonomic construction, comfort and use of controls on arguably 3 of the most popular gun brands [non-1911 models] on the market today (just to clarify: not saying THE 3 most popular brands); a fu
Author: FistsOfLegend1
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8 Play Video 24:34 Min Glock vs Springfield XD - OpticsPlanet.com Debates :
Springfield XD or Glock? The great debate rages on. Mark and Trevor, two of our product experts here at Optics Planet, give you the rundown on two powerhouses of the firearm industry. The trusty Glock or the proven Springfield XD? Trevor loves how Sp
Author: OpticsPlanet
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9 Play Video 4:08 Min Ruger 1911 vs Springfield Range Officer :
http://www.guns.com/ruger-sr1911-vs-s... - Which popular and new 1911 is better? The Ruger SR1911 or the Springfield Range Officer? A question that's been around for ages... or 2011. Either way that's a difficult question to answer because both .45 c
Author: Gunscom
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