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1 Play Video 19:33 Min 10 Best Folding Knives :
Here are some of the best folding and EDC knives available. Please share your picks and comments too! 0:25 1) Kershaw Knockout 1870; 7.87"; 3.25"; Sandvik 14C28N; 3.6 oz; $65. 3:01 1a) Kershaw Leek 3:35 2) Sebenza 21 Large - 8.33"; 3.625"; S35VN and
Author: Craig Shipp
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2 Play Video 27:33 Min 10 Best Folding Knives under $100 :
Best in 1080HD! Grab an frosty beverage and pull up a chair, your going to be here for a while. I take a look at 10 awesome production knives for $100 or less. A good variety of knives from Kershaw, Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel,etc. Thanks for wat
Author: Knives, Guns, & Gear
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3 Play Video 17:47 Min Best Fixed Blades 2013 by gideonstactical :
Below are several of my top shelf fixed blade knives, these are the ones that have stayed with me through the last year, enjoy!
Author: gideonstactical
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4 Play Video 5:59 Min My Top 5 Fixed Blades Tag - Wealljuggleknives :
TAG - wealljuggleknives,your top 5 fixed blades Zero tolerance 0100,Blackjack halo attack model 13,Tops screaming eagle,Fallkniven s1 forest knife,Sog Vulcan
Author: Tactical
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Every outdoors man should have a good knife.

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