Fishing: {Field Testing}

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1 Play Video 12:34 Min Yo-Yo Survival Fishing Reel Review - Scout Prepper :
This is the Yo-Yo fishing reel and it is a great way to expand your survival capabilities in my opinion. It's small, light, and easy to use. There is no reason why you shouldn't add one of these to your emergency kit.
Author: Scout Prepper
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2 Play Video 5:44 Min Ultra-Lightweight Fishing System for Backpacking :
My ultra-lightweight system for hiking and backpacking.
Author: MrBabelfish5
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3 Play Video 3:24 Min Mini Pen Fishing Pole Rod Reel Combo Backpack Coll :
Thanks for watching we hope you enjoy.
Author: Texas Gear Reviews
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Margin of error 30% based on location and conditions (except for water and food).


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