Bug Out Bags: {Field Testing}

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1 Play Video 9:36 Min Bug Out Bag Part 1- School of Self Reliance :
School of Self Reliance provides an in-depth look at what you should put in your Bug Out Bag (AKA- 72-Hour Kit, Get-Back Bag, INCH Bag). Topics covered in Part 1 Segment: Bug Out Bags, Backpacks, Knives, Medical Kits, First Aid, Tools, Fishing Kits,
Author: SchoolOf SelfReliance
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2 Play Video 4:59 Min Maxpedition Vulture 2 (II) (Review) - Tactical / B :
Maxpedition Vulture 2 (II) (Review) - Tactical / Bug Out Bag | Backpack
Author: TheBulletPoints
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3 Play Video 22:49 Min BEST Survival Bag / Bugout Bag ! :
Critical Items that you should have at all times in your survuval pack / bugout bag. Its important to keep the weight down but still have all necessary equipment in your bag / kit for a few days on your own without any access to food, water, electric
Author: DuncanMeter
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4 Play Video 14:35 Min WOW! Best Bug Out Bag Design! Mystery Ranch 3 Day :
Adam gives you an overview of the 3 Day Assault Pack from Mystery Ranch ($325+)
Author: Equip 2 Endure LLC
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5 Play Video 12:25 Min Choosing the Best Bug Out Bag B.O.B for your Situa :
This video discusses what to consider and look for when purchasing a bug out bag. I discuss my US Army issue MOLLE II Pack, my Maxpedition Medium Transport Bag, and an old German Military Surplus Bag.
Author: DogFaceKnives
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6 Play Video 20:14 Min Bug Out Bag, Walmart Style :
As the title says, this is a bug-out bag built from items you can find only at Walmart. Total cost is around $200 and the weight is right around 20 lbs. The scenario I was thinking of as I built it was Hurrican Katrina - a situation where you have to
Author: EverydayTacticalVids
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7 Play Video 7:35 Min DIY Bug-Out Bag Bang-for-the-Buck: USMC ILBE Backp :
The US Marine Corps ILBE backpack may be the optimal starting point for your Bug-Out Bag. The ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) is tough, comfortable, roomy, expandable, and well camouflaged.
Author: Back to Basics Show
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8 Play Video 12:15 Min "Bug Out Bags" with Silver Prepper :
Here is my new video on my families "BUG OUT BAGS". Man they are full of all kinds of survival gear! Maybe I have too much stuff, watch and let me know. Comments and questions welcome! Thanks, SILVER PREPPER
Author: Silver Prepper
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