Assault Rifle: {Field Testing}

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1 Play Video 10:45 Min Top 15 Assault Rifles :
Our new-and-improved list of some of the best assault rifles the world has ever seen.
Author: BRICK productions
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2 Play Video 5:08 Min Top 10 Assault Rifles in The World - Topyaps :
Top 10 Assault Rifles in The World - Topyaps
Author: Top Yaps
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3 Play Video 3:03 Min Top 10 Assault Rifles :
This is my personal opinion on what the best assault rifles currently are. If you have your own top ten leave a comment with what order you think they should of been or weapons i might of left out. I tried not to be biased. I do own an LWRC M6A2 thou
Author: USCheyTacFNLWRC
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