Archery: {Field Testing}

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1 Play Video 2:00 Min Archery 101 : The Types of Bows in Archery :
Archery dates from prehistoric times, and the various types of bows still used today include the longbow, the recurve bow and the compound bow. Get to know your bows in this free archery video.
Author: eHowSports
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2 Play Video 2:06 Min Archery Basics : How to Choose the Best Bow & Arro :
When choosing a bow and arrow, you'll want to consider the price, the comfort and the style. Pick the best bow and arrow for you with guidance from an archery shop owner in this free video on archery equipment.
Author: eHowSports
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3 Play Video 13:12 Min 2014 Bow Review: Prime Alloy :
2014 Bow Review: Prime Alloy
Author: Ike's Outdoors
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4 Play Video 1:54 Min Budget Bow: An Astoundingly Good Bear for $300 :
I am testing new compound bows for under $300 and in doing so have found myself shocked—shocked I tell you—at how good this bargain-basement model is.
Author: Field & Stream
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5 Play Video 3:46 Min Archery & Bow Hunting : Bow Hunting for Beginners :
A beginner at bow hunting should practice as much as possible to become proficient with her weapon, and she should practice bow hunting on small game. Find out about the benefit of wearing camouflage clothing that's been washed in scent-free detergen
Author: eHow
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