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1 Play Video 52:06 Min China, drought and the Arab Spring: The globalisat :
The 2011 winter drought in eastern China's wheat-growing region had a significant impact beyond the country's borders. Fearing crop failure, China turned to the international market to buy wheat, contributing to a doubling of global wheat prices. Thi
Author: The IISS
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2 Play Video 3:39 Min 2011 Food Price Hikes Helped Trigger Arab Spring :
In a year of protests in the Arab world, 2011's high food prices helped to make oppression, corruption and poverty under autocratic leaders even more intolerable. High and volatile food prices are in the forecast for 2012 and beyond. VOA's Steve Bara
Author: VOAvideo
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3 Play Video 3:31 Min Russian Fire Inferno 2010 :
The 2010 Russian wildfires are a series of hundreds of wildfires that broke out across Russia, primarily in the west, from late July 2010 to present, due to record temperatures (hottest summer in Russian history) and drought in the region.
Author: JarynRad
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4 Play Video 0:56 Min CNN: Blazes impact Russian grain production :
Russian wildfires and the longest drought in decades cause havoc on agriculture. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.
Author: CNN
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How did a Russian Drought affect global oil prices.

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If you feel overwhelmed with the Middle East due to Climate Change, and have the perception that the future is not looking on the bright side.
We suggest that you start educating yourself about the impact of Climate Change on the Middle East, and prepare for the future.

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