Impact On Beef: {Current Events}

Video Playlist
1 Play Video 4:56 Min California Drought Impact (C2C) :
Jim Robb, Director of the Livestock Marketing Information Center, talks about the long term impact of the California drought for cattle producers as well as consumers.
Author: NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen
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2 Play Video 0:47 Min Drought Story: U.S.A (1930-1939) :
United States of America. Drought severely affects livestock.
Author: British Pathé
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You can't raise a cow with no water.

Wounded Warrior Project

Peace Of Mind

Dealing With Anxiety
If you feel overwhelmed with the Impact on Beef due to Climate Change, and have the perception that the future is not looking on the bright side.
We suggest that you start educating yourself about the impact of Climate Change, and prepare for future.

About Prepping
For thousands of years humanity had to be prepared for:
- Natural Disasters
- Wars
- Harsh Winters
- Crop Failures
- Unexpected Emergencies
- Etc.

Outsourcing Your Security
Remember that to err is human.
So don’t leave your future in the hands of other humans.

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