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MECCA - California's drought is driving higher food prices.
Author: KMIR Youtube Channel
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2 Play Video 3:09 Min California Drought Could Impact World Food Prices :
The western United States has been in a drought, and that includes California, where many of the fruits and vegetables for the country are grown. Southern California is experiencing a record-breaking drought, and the forecast looks grim. Elizabeth Le
Author: VOAvideo
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3 Play Video 2:33 Min Brazil Inflation: Food Prices Surge as Drought Tak :
Inflation has risen sharply again in Brazil, after months of efforts to keep prices in check. As CCTV's Paulo Cabral reports, a brutal nationwide drought has created more pressure.
Author: CCTV America
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4 Play Video 7:29 Min Shocking pictures of drought in India :
Despite heavy rains in Mumbai, drought still hold on in certain areas of Maharashtra. Certain areas include Malegaon, Manmad. Watch out shocking pictures of drought in India.
Author: News Express
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Food Prices keep going up. Is it inflation or something more sinister?

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Dealing With Anxiety
If you feel overwhelmed with Food Prices due to Climate Change, and have the perception that the future is not looking on the bright side.
We suggest that you start educating yourself about the impact of Climate Change, and prepare for the future.

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For thousands of years humanity had to be prepared for:
- Natural Disasters
- Wars
- Harsh Winters
- Crop Failures
- Unexpected Emergencies
- Etc.

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Remember that to err is human.
So don’t leave your future in the hands of other humans.

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