Drought Resistant Crops: {Valuable Info}

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1 Play Video 1:46 Min Drought-Resistant Crops Aid Kenya's Hungry Familie :
Operation Blessing is fighting drought in Kenya with a new tool: Mbaazi. Unlike maize and other crops which dry up without adequate rain, Mbaazi is a drought-resistant plant that is providing families with a sustainable food source during times of dr
Author: Operation Blessing International
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2 Play Video 2:07 Min Horticulture Tip-Drought Resistant Plants :
This tip highlights drought resistant plants
Author: CPCC TV Online
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3 Play Video 7:47 Min Vegetable gardening in time of drought :
Some commentary and practical examples from our vegetable garden as we enter a third drought year in southern Hampshire. Key lessons are go for overwintering varieties if possible, try to find drought resistant plants, cover the soil to conserve mois
Author: Stephen Hayes
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4 Play Video 3:14 Min Soil Monitoring and Drought Resistance Strategies :
The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association intends to help row crop farmers to be better prepared to cope with drought, and understand how farming practices and management can improve water conservation and prepare for low water years. Soil co
Author: Farm And Food Care Ontario
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4 Play Video 2:53 Min Scientists Develop Drought-Tolerant Maize :
Experts warn that climate change is likely to threaten world food supplies as temperature extremes cut harvests of important food crops. Scientists are working to develop new varieties that are adapted to a changing climate. Scientists in the souther
Author: VOAvideo
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6 Play Video 1:51 Min Dr. Terry Etherton: Future of agricultural biotech :
Dr. Etherton is a Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition and Head of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State University.
Author: Council for Biotechnology Information
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