UFO Sightings: {Potential Scenario}

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1 Play Video 1:31:38 Hours When Aliens Attack:
When Aliens attack,do we have a chance on victory,or whill we be exterminated ? This documentary gives the facts what will happen,millitary experts gives us there vieuw on a plausible alien invasion.
Author: emperoroftruth
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2 Play Video 50:14 Min HD Naked Science - Alien Contact:
2004 Documentary - Naked Science Season 1 - Alien Contact. Naked Science is an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The programme features various subjects related to science and technology.
Author: Naked Science
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3 Play Video 7:32 Min UFO - The Aliens, Closer than We Think - Discovery Channel - Full Documentary:
Global UFO sightings. The Aliens, Closer than We Think - Discovery Channel full Documentary.
Author: nemesis maturity
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4 Play Video 2:04:31 Hours HD The Alien Agenda - What THEY don't want you to know:
Simon Parkes is an elected local politician for the Labour party, what the average person would consider a member of the establishment, and as such presents a serious challenge to controlling elements who wish to lie and falsify information to the public in the name of national security.
Author: WeAreChange Manchester
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5 Play Video 41:41 Min Uncovering Aliens - Alien Invasion:
What is significant about Lake Michigan? Why are there so many reports of unexplained lights, lost ships and planes, and possible ET contact?
Author: Chris Augustin
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6 Play Video 1:53:33 Hours Stan Romanek Alien Footage - UFO Contact Documentary :
Stan Romanek Alien Footage - UFO Contact Documentary: According to Stan Romanek, we are not alone in this universe and he reckons he can prove it.
Author: Top Conspiracy Documentaries
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7 Play Video 2:23 Min HD Mexico UFO - Mexican Air Force UFO Sighting:
On March 05, 2004, The Mexican Air Force witnessed 11 flying objects flying along side of them during an air patrol of a drug smuggling. The eleven UFO (unidentified flying objects) could only be seen through the military plane's dome mounted IR-system (infrared), and could not be seen with the naked eye.
Author: End of The Planet
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8 Play Video 25:00 Min HD Canada's former Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer 2 Space Aliens are working with the US Government:
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Alien Sightings have been seen around the world. Here is the latest evidence that can help you decide the truth.

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