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1 Play Video 1:13 Min Alien Invasion Hiding Places:
Where do you go during a hostile extraterrestrial takeover? We give you some suggestions.
Author: ARAIIL
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1 Play Video 2:48 Min Fire Dept. prepare for Alien invasion?:
In chapter 13 of the Fire Departments emergency preperation manual contains a section on UFO's and Alien encounters.
Author: anewgift4u
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Potential places to hide during an Alien Invasion.

Wounded Warrior Project

Peace Of Mind

Dealing With Anxiety
If you feel overwhelmed with a potential Alien Invasion, and have the perception that the future is not looking on the bright side.
We suggest that you start educating yourself about Alien Invasions, and prepare for it.

About Prepping
For thousands of years humanity had to be prepared for:
- Natural Disasters
- Wars
- Harsh Winters
- Crop Failures
- Unexpected Emergencies
- Etc.

Outsourcing Your Security
Remember that to err is human.
So don’t leave your future in the hands of other humans.

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