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1 Play Video 44:44 Min Extraterrestrial Invasion Scenarios & Life on Mars:
The alien invasion is a common theme in science fiction stories and film, in which extraterrestrials invade Earth either to exterminate and supplant human life, enslave it under a colonial system, harvest humans for food, steal the planet's resources.
Author: NaturalPlanet
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2 Play Video 1:31:38 Min Nostradamus Prophecies for 2014 - 2020. Antichrist:
Nostradamus Prophecies for years 2014 to 2020. Including the rise of the Antichrist President Putin of Russia, and alien UFO invasion of earth and modification of human DNA for immortality. French prophet Nostradamus visions of the future.
Author: revelation13net
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3 Play Video 1:31:38 Min ufo alien wys Alien Invasion makes the news:
Author: ufohunters4
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Margin of error 30% based on location and conditions (except for water and food).


Analysts talk about the potential scenarios during an Alien Invasion.

Wounded Warrior Project

Peace Of Mind

Dealing With Anxiety
If you feel overwhelmed with a potential Alien Invasion, and have the perception that the future is not looking on the bright side.
We suggest that you start educating yourself about Alien Invasions, and prepare for it.

About Prepping
For thousands of years humanity had to be prepared for:
- Natural Disasters
- Wars
- Harsh Winters
- Crop Failures
- Unexpected Emergencies
- Etc.

Outsourcing Your Security
Remember that to err is human.
So don’t leave your future in the hands of other humans.

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